The Administrative Councils

The Administrative Councils

There are 8 Administrative Councils, with a total of 135 members, working with the district governments in Tallinn. The City Council confirms the composition of the District Administrative Councils on the basis of election results. The number of members, in each District Administrative Council, equals twice the district’s mandate in the City Council plus one member.

Each District Administrative Council elects a chairman and vice-chairmen from among its members, forms an auditing committee and, if necessary, other permanent and temporary committees or working groups, elects members to the auditing committee, and confirms the members of other committees.

The Administrative Councils conduct their business at meetings.

In general, the Administrative Council discuss questions on which draft legislation has been proposed, and on which the District Elder has a taken a position. Administrative Council decisions are recommendations to the District Elder, City Government and City Council, and are not part of Tallinn’s legislation.

For instance, the Administrative Councils’ jurisdiction includes:

  • The approval of District Elder candidates that are submitted by the Mayor:
  • Review and approval of draft budgets for the District before their submission to the City Government, and approval of reports on budgetary implementation;
  • Approval of projects for territorial and architectural planning;
  • Approval of development plans for kindergartens and schools;

Making decisions necessary for guaranteeing long-range development, normal functioning of infrastructure, and the supply and provision of social services and public utilities.

Last updated: 26.09.2005