Examples of using Tallinn spatial data

Futuruum tested the 3D building models for creating applications or games


3D building models of Freedom Square were used by Estonian Defence Forces for planning the parade for 99th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia


Sõprus movie theater model used for shooting the movie "The Little Comrade" by Frost FX

kommunaal_patkulimüüri_valgustus_Lighting Design Collective Oy.jpg

Models of stairs to Patkuli viewing platform with new lighting design by Lighting Design Collective OY


New lighting of the house of parliament of Estonia on model and in reality by Hirvesoo Arhitektibüroo:

bastion-numbritega-v01-horisont 2014.jpg

3D spatial data on the plan of Skoone bastion area by Hirvesoo Arhitektibüroo

Liis Uustal Kaasaegne arhitektuurikool.png

Base map building cubes in Liis Uustal's graduation theses "Contemporary architectural school" for TTK University of Applied Sciences

linnateater_salto AB.jpg

Salto AB's winning design "Paviljon" of the architectural competition for the new building of Tallinn City Theatre based on Old town detailed building models 

Kasvulava Vana-Kalamaja tn Kavakava OÜ.jpeg

Vana-Kalamaja street architectural competition winner "Kasvulava" by Kavakava OÜ based on base map building cubes 

Peatänava teise etapi konkursi võidutöö AUL Villem Tomiste 1.png

Main Street second stage competition winning design AUL by Villem Tomiste based on Old town detiled building models and base map building cubes 




Last updated: 31.07.2018