The Tallinn - European Green Capital 2023 program is nearing completion and we are currently seeking and screening new initiatives and ideas to help us promote and support environmentally friendly events, solutions and community activities among different stakeholders, focusing on one or more of the following Green Capital focus themes:

Inclusive city: projects with the community and non-profit organizations, involving city residents in development etc. An inclusive city creates a better urban environment together with local communities, discusses, asks for opinions and ideas, and takes into account the needs of the community. The project brings joy, increases the well-being of local people or makes their daily lives smoother.

Smart city: green innovation, collaboration with start-ups, green companies, researchers, and universities making new green solutions or products, green innovations in the city. Together with entrepreneurs, residents, researchers and students, smart city is looking for new innovative solutions to make the urban environment better, cleaner, and more humane and environmentally friendly. The project creates something new and raises Tallinn's awareness of environmental issues at the national or international level.

Sustainable city: a green, humane, and cohesive urban space, a city based on sustainable development goals. A sustainable city, in cooperation with the urban population, will create a greener and more humane urban space, based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The project will create new sustainable solutions or bring solutions already tested elsewhere in Tallinn.

Learning city: projects and events aimed at environmental awareness and education, lifelong learning. A learning city develops and adapts to changes in the world and helps its inhabitants to better understand why it is necessary to preserve the living environment and how they can contribute to the protection of the environment.

Tallinn - European Green Capital 2023 must support the objectives of the European Green Capitals in the following areas: air quality, noise, water, sustainable land use, waste and circular economy, green growth and green innovation, nature and biodiversity, climate change mitigation, energy efficiency, adaptation to climate change, sustainable management.

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Last updated: 28.03.2022