First green bridge created in Lasnamäe

The green Lindakivi bridge was opened during the Lasnamäe Days. The landscaping of the first green concept bridge in the district of Lasnamäe was created by the city gardeners together with local residents.

„Everyone in Tallinn probably know the bridges of Laagna road. We decided to shape them with an aim to be a part of the urban space. The bridge is also a good example of how to, without any big investments, design a bridge in such a way that it becomes an attractive and an interesting place. Lindakivi bridge was chosen because it is an important pathway for the pedestrians and it connects two highly populated parts of the district. It is located between the Lindakivi Culture Centre and the Kotka shop. In the future, the majority of the Laagna road bridges should be green as well,“ said the head of the Lasnamäe District, Vladimir Svet.

As a part of the landscaping, the lower sides were planted with heathers, Virginia creepers and chrysanthemums. A very special element of the bridge are special vases made by a local artist Liisi Ansip – the vases/flowerpots were made by reusing 200-litre barrels that will be used for planting seasonal flowers and plants. The outdoor furniture will be created in cooperation with NGO LasnaIdee.

The green installations will stay on the bridge until the first cold nights with temperatures below zero arrive. Should the project receive a warm welcome by locals, the green installations will be renewed in the spring.

The Lindakivi green bridge was created in cooperation of the Lasnamäe District Government and Hortes gardening centre. Tallinn Botanic Garden and the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department also supported creating the bridge.