Five new bicycle repair points in Tallinn

Last week, Eesti Terviserajad SA installed five new unique self-service and free bicycle repair points in Tallinn, where you can re-inflate tires, adjust the saddle and set the bike ready for cycling.

Three of the five repair ponts are situated in Nõmme. District governor Grete Šillis admitted that foot and bicycle roads are in very frequent use. “There is no need anymore to end your cycling because of the broken tire, cyclists are now able to re-inflate the tire temporarily at least until they get to more comfortable repair shop. Repair spots located in Viljandi mnt and Kitsarööpa road are extremely convenient. You are able to re-inflate the tires of your bicycle or pram etc. In addition, it is also possible to make minor repairs with different spanners, such as tightening the sagging pedals or adjusting the brakes,” says Šillis.

„September is a month of environmentally friendly movement - build repair points are also supporting Tallinn’s ambition to become European Green Capital in 2022. Tallinn is slowly, but steadily moving towards consept, where cyclists are able to get from one part of the city to other fast and safely. For example it takes 30 minutes from Vääna street’s foot and bicycle road to Stroomi beach. It actually connect four districts - Nõmme, Haabersti, Mustamäe and Põhja-Tallinn.”

Eesti Terviserajad SA CEO Alo Lõoke said that the number of cyclist over the years have definitely increased. „Not all households have wrenches, tools or bicycle pumps with the correct nozzle to set up the wheel. Sometimes, however, due to lack of tools the bike remains unused, “ said Lõoke. „At the repair point, everyone can inspect their bikes and also their family members bikes and get them cycling ready before heading to the health trail. We have fulfilled our goal if at least some bikes that are currently collecting dust in the storage room can be put back on track.“

Self-service repair ponts are located in Tallinn Järve-Tartu-Viljandi mnt foot and bicycle road (on the parking lot of Liivametsa street), close to Hiiu Rimi supermarket, Nõmme-Haabersti foot and bicycle road (on the parking lot of Tähetorni), on the Pae park and near to Pirita Sport Centre, at the start of the health track.

The first repair points in Estonia, but already quite widespread elsewhere in Europe, have a tire pump with a universal nozzle with a manometer and various wrenches, wrench sets, screwdrivers and rubber levers for wheel adjustment.