Residents of Tallinn can drop off bulky waste for free at waste collection stations from 9-15 May

Although bulky waste is covered by the organised waste collection scheme and need to be handed over on a separate agreement with your waste collector, Tallinn residents will again be able to drop off bulky waste free of charge at all waste collection stations in Tallinn for a week (9-15 May) as part of Environment Month.

The campaign first took place in March 2022, when 10 times more large waste was brought to Tallinn's waste collection stations than in a normal week in March (1 472 cubic meters in total).

A maximum of 3 cubic meters of bulky waste will be accepted free of charge from one resident at a time (the amount must fit in the trailer of a car). You will need to bring your ID card or driving licence for identification. The campaign does not apply to organisations, including housing associations.

Waste collection stations are located in Pääsküla (Raba tn 40), Rahumäe (Rahumäe tee 5a), Pärnamäe (Pärnamäe tee 36/Ristaia tee 8) and Paljassaare (Paljassaare põik 5). The opening hours of the waste stations and information on all other waste transfer services can be found on the website (www.jaatmejaam.ee).

  Bulky waste is:


Bulky waste is not:


✚ furniture and parts thereof (e.g. sofa, table, shelf); 

✚ carpets, rugs, other floor coverings;

✚ mattresses;

✚ curtains and curtain rails;

✚ large flowerpots;

✚ clothes hangers;

✚ mirrors;

✚ sports equipment;

✚ bicycles;

✚ broken skis andsledges;

✚ prams;

✚ Christmas trees.



✖ construction and repair waste (e.g. toilet bowl, sink, bath, windows, doors, wallpaper, paint rolls);

✖ Hazardous waste (e.g. empty paint cans, etenite);

✖ problematic products (e.g. scrap car parts, tyres);

✖ scrap metal;

✖ electrical and electronic equipment (e.g. washing machine, TV, fridge, cooker);

✖ other waste covered by producer responsibility.