Tallinn is testing a new electric bus in urban traffic

Tallinn has started testing a new, Yutong U12 electric bus in order to see if the technology is suitable as a part of a system of public transportation.

Deputy mayor Andrei Novikov said that Tallinn’s public transportation is moving towards using more environmentally friendly means of transport. „During the test period we would like to see if the system is in line with our expectations. This will help us to reach our goal, because by 2035 we would like to replace all of our public transportation vehicles with electric alternatives,” said Novikov.

This summer Tallinn also tested self-driving electric buses and in August the first compressed gas buses were added to the city’s public transport fleet. „By the end of the year, one hundred new gas buses will arrive to Tallinn, and in the upcoming years 350 more buses using biofuels will follow. Moving towards environmentally friendly solutions of transportation is supporting our nomination on becoming European Green Capital 2022,” said the Deputy Mayor.

Yutong U12 electric bus is a 12-meter-long vehicle, with a comfortable passenger compartment. The energy supply is provided via a 422kWh battery, which ensures a maximum mileage of up to four hundred kilometers on a single charge. Yutong U12 can accommodate up to 85 passengers and two wheelchairs or prams. Yutong latest U12 bus model was firstly unveiled at Busworld in Brussels. The Chinese manufacturer’s electric buses are regularly used in Paris, Sofia, United Kingdom and also in Espoo.

Tallinn’s public transport services more than 140 million passengers a year on 81 transportation routes.