Tallinners can take part in a range of Let's Do It clean-ups

This weekend, Tallinners can get involved in a series of community clean-ups and help make the city cleaner as part of the Let's Do It campaign. Helping hands are welcome in Põhja-Tallinn, Haabersti, Kesklinn, Nõmme and Kristiine districts, and activities take place on Friday and Saturday.

"As every spring, district governments, institutions and organisations are again organising a series of clean-up activities in cooperation with local residents who care about the cleanliness of their neighbourhoods. As the community clean-ups have progressed, the interest in taking part in these events has grown year on year," said Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet, adding that the events are also a good way to discover the green spaces in one’s neighbourhood. "Each and every person who visits Tallinn's many green spaces has an important role to play in keeping them clean and beautiful. Many thanks to everyone who contributes their time and energy!"

In the districts of Mustamäe, Pirita and Lasnamäe, the community clean-ups were already organised in April, but others are still to come.

The Haabersti district will be hosting a series of clean-ups on Friday and Saturday, organised by the district government, the youth centre, district associations and active residents.

  • On Friday, 6 May, starting at 10am, the Haabersti district government will clean up the woodland behind Saku Suurhall, starting from Mõisapõllu street behind Saku Suurhall. Gloves and bin bags will be provided by the district government.
  • Young people are invited to the Haabersti Youth Centre's community clean-up on Friday from 1pm to 5pm in the courtyard at Õismäe tee 24. There will be activities that include work, education and fun: building an insect shelter for the youth centre, putting up a birdhouse, tidying up the yard, sowing meadow flowers, and finally having a meal together. Wear comfortable clothes and bring good spirits. All are welcome, no need to register.
  • On Saturday 7 May, starting at 10am, there will be a clean-up day in the forest areas of the Astangu region. The meeting point will be behind 21/3 Astangu street by the stream, where participants will also be provided with gloves and bin bags.
  • On Saturday at 10am, the Kakumäe Society will start the Kakumäe clean-up. Each participant can choose the place they want to clean up, whether it's their own street, a forest, the seashore or a bus stop. If needed, you can get bin bags and gloves from the organiser. A garbage container will also be provided and, if necessary, help will be given with transporting the litter to the container. When the work is done, soup will be served. Registration is required for the Kakumäe clean-up. The society will also be cleaning up the coastal defence barracks at the top of the Kakumäe peninsula, starting at 10am. The meeting point is at the top of the peninsula by the Kakumäe road.
  • On Saturday at 11am, the Veskimetsa-Mustjõe Society will be organising a series of clean-ups in the Veskimetsa and Mustjõe areas. Gathering is at 10.45 at the village square at Tarna 4. The area around the village square as well as freely chosen places in the settlement will be cleaned. The district government will bring a garbage container to the corner of Kõrgepinge and Piibelehe streets and will provide the participants with bin bags. Other tools and gloves should be brought along. Around 1pm, soup will be served in the village square. In case of rain, the clean-up will not take place.

Põhja-Tallinn is welcoming everyone on Saturday, 7 May at 12 noon to clean up the Paljassaare waste ground next to the properties Laevastiku 3b and Paljassaare põik 15. The meeting point is in the parking area in front of Laevastiku 3b. The clean-up is organised by the district government in cooperation with the Land Board of Estonia. Garbage bags, shovels and wheelbarrows will be provided by the district government, but participants are also welcome to bring personal tools and gloves. After the clean-up, the district government will have a ditch dug on the property to prevent access by cars and thus reduce littering. You can register on the Let’s Do It website.

In the Kristiine district, there will also be a series of clean-ups on 7 May, supported by the district government with tools, man labour and garbage removal. Residents of the Järve neighbourhood are invited to the courtyards of the properties Järve 48 and Tuisu 17 at 10am, where the green areas around their homes will be cleaned up. In cooperation with the cadets of the Defence Academy, a clean-up of the Tondipoiste statue and the Tondi Military School Memorial (Tondi street 55) will take place on Saturday from 12 noon to 2pm. The kick-off in Kristiine will take place on Thursday 5 May at the Lille settlement on Vaarika street, where the clean-up will start at 5pm.

There will be more activities in Kristiine district next week. On Friday, 13 May, from 10am-12pm, clean-ups will take place in the Tondi settlement at Seebi street yards (30a, 34 and 36b), with planting flowers and other maintenance work. In the evening, from 7pm to 8pm, Jüri Homenja will give a concert in the courtyard of Seebi 34 and there will also be activities for children. On Saturday, 14 May, from 12 noon to 2pm, there will be a  community clean-up at Keemia 41 and Sõstra 1a and from 5pm to 6.30pm, the band Regatt will perform in the courtyard of Sõstra 1a.

The Kesklinn district government will organise a clean-up with its staff on Friday 6 May, starting at 2pm, in the area between the Linnahall and the Harbour. On Saturday, 7 May, there will be an extensive clean-up of the Järve forest health trail, where young people from the Central City Youth Centre will clean up the woodland, and in the Luite settlement, where the ditches along the Tallinn-Väike railway line will be cleared of waste.

The work will also continue in Kesklinn next week - on Thursday 12 May, disc golf enthusiasts will tidy up the disc golf park at Viljandi mnt 13d and the surrounding area to prepare it for the season. The same day, planting workshops will take place in Tuvi Park, enriching the park area with a variety of flowers and plants. All the activities will be organised with the help of the district government, which will provide the equipment and garbage removal.

The Nõmme district government already held the event in April, but there are still many more to come, led by other institutions and organisations, and all helpful Nõmme residents are welcome to take part. For more information on the Nõmme clean-ups, visit the Let’s Do It website.