Admission to first grades

As of Dec 21, 2011 the "The Conditions and Policies for Determining the Catchment Area School" (Tallinn City Government’s regulation No. 132) became valid, according to which the first grade admission applications for 2017 will be accepted from March 1 to March 15.

All children within the compulsory school age living in Tallinn according to the Population Register are continuously ensured a place at a municipal school in Tallinn. 

The applications can be submitted from March 1 via eKool or at Tallinn Education Department (Estonia pst 5a, III floor).

Contacts for all municipal schools in Tallinn (including WebPages) are listed on Education Department's home page at: contacts of schools

All children residing in Tallinn can apply for schools outside their catchment area, these are compiled according to the school's rules of admission. These schools are as follows: Tallinn English College, Tallinn Jewish School, Tallinn French Lyceum, Tallinn Secondary Science School, Tallinn Tõnismäe Secondary Science School, and Old Town Educational College. One class will be compiled according to the school’s rules of admission in Gustav Adolf Grammar School, Tallinn School No. 21, Tallinn German Gymnasium, and in Tallinn Linnamäe Russian Lyceum.

The schools mentioned will be compiling their first grades in February, further info will be provided on the home pages of Tallinn Education Department and the related schools by the end of January.

Based on the recommendation of Tallinn Council Committee for Children, the child with special needs can attend Lasnamäe Basic School, Ristiku Basic School, Kadaka  Basic School, Tallinn Laagna Nursery-Basic School and Tallinn Tondi Basic School.

Important deadlines in applying to school:

  • March 1st - 15th - applying via eKool or in written form at Tallinn Education Department;
  • By May 25th Tallinn Education Department will notify the parents about the catchment area school via eKool by e-mail or the child's address according to the Population Register;
  • By June 10th the parent has to inform the school whether the child will attend the school or not;
  • If the parent moves to Tallinn after February 1st, a written application has to be submitted to the education department in order to ensure the child a place in the municipal school;
  • From June 15th all who wish may apply for the vacant positions directly to the schools. 

The parent of a child below the compulsory school age has to submit both the application and the kindergarten's evaluation or the council committee's recommendation about the suitability for school. To get the evaluation the parent must contact the child's kindergarten, or in case of staying at home, the council committee for children. 

Beginning of school by a child below the age for compulsory school attendance

Postponement of the beginning of compulsory school attendance


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