Centrinno – creative hubs in cities

CENTRINNO is a project aiming for a new industrial revolution – one that places citizens in the center of sustainable regeneration.

Centrinno is a four-year research project that is aimed at the regeneration of industrial historic sites, allowing industrial sites to be transformed into creative hubs and community centers.
The project reveals the potential of old cultural landscapes to become new and inclusive entrepreneurship centers for citizens – connecting communities with different cultural activities, supporting social cohesion based on cultural heritage and maintaining as small an ecological footprint as possible while doing so.

Innovative strategies, different approaches and solutions for the renovation process of old industrial areas will be appraised and tested throughout the project.

The pilot area of Tallinn will be Kopli.
The project's leading partner is Milan (Italy), with other participants being an additional eight European cities: Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Barcelona (Spain), Blönduós (Iceland), Geneva (Switzerland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Milan (Italy), Paris (France) and Zagreb (Croatia).

The project duration is 01 September 2020 – 29 February 2024

More about the Centrinno project can be found here: centrinno.eu/about

Last updated: 3.05.2021