Tallinn Business Incubators

Tallinn Business Incubators is a business support structure, designed to provide entrepreneurs start-up, business development and office space services.

Tallinn Business Incubators mission is to increase the competitiveness of young enterprises and minimize their start-up risks.

To achieve this goal we offer various consulting, training and networking services plus a quality working environment for our every new business.

There are two business incubators operated by Tallinn Businness Incubators:

  • Kopli Business Incubator, for developing small-scale and experimental manufacturing
  • Creative Incubator, merging business with creativity

To join us or to get more information about the services offered by Tallinn Business Incubators please contact:
ph +372 604 0620 or info@inkubaator.ee


Tallinn Business Incubators - launchpad for start-ups in Tallinn!

During the past 11 years our incubator has helped over 300 companies to launch and grow. By doing this, we have created an environment, where entrepreneurial spirit and creativity meet with business ambition.



Last updated: 18.06.2018