Tallinn has cooperative relationships with 26 cities around the world

Annapolis (USA) Moscow (Russia)
Berlin (Germany) Newcastle/Gateshead (United Kingdom)
Chengdu (China) Odessa (Ukraine)
Dartford (United Kingdom) Beijing (China)
Florence (Italy) Riga (Latvia)
Ghent (Belgium) Schwerin (Germany) 
Groningen (The Netherlands) Skopje (Macedonia)
Hangzhou (China) Stockholm (Sweden) 
Helsinki (Finland) St. Petersburg (Russia) 
Kiel (Germany) Turku (Finland) 
Kiev (Ukraine) Venice (Italy) 
Kotka (Finland) Vienna (Austria) 
Malmo (Sweden) Vilnius (Lithuania)


Extract from the publication  Tallinn. Facts and Figures 2018

Last updated: 29.10.2018