Centre District Administration

Welcome to the page of Centre District Administration

Centre District connects different parts of the city: in the Northwest we have borders with  North Ta43043.jpgllinn District, in the West with Kristiine District and in the Southwest with Nõmme District. In the South the Centre District has border with Rae parish, and in the East with Lasnamäe District. In the Northeast Centre District goes along the coast until Maarjamäe Memorial, there is the border with Pirita District. The northern border of Centre District is the waterfront with the Gulf of Finland.

On the territory of Centre District we have Ülemiste lake and in the Gulf of Finland the island of Aegna. The area of Aegna is 2,93-3 square kilometres (km²).

The data of Population Register tells that we have in the Centre District 62 067 residents. (1st of April 2017)

Last updated: 13.12.2018