20th Medieval Days kick off in Old Town

On 11 to 14 July the Tallinn Old Town serves as the venue for the 20th Medieval Days with Raekoja plats (Town Hall Square) and the surroundings of Niguliste kirik (St. Nicolaus Church) converted into a flourishing Hanseatic City for four days.

The opening parade commences on Thursday, 11 July at 17:00 from the Viru Gate followed by the opening ceremony on the Town Hall Square. The Medieval Days revolve around the marketplace for craftsmen set up on the Town Hall Square where citizens can enjoy concerts and medieval entertainment. Musical interludes are provided by the band Sub Rosa from Hungary with further performances on the Town Hall Square by dance group Rondo Danzante from Saaremaa, travelling musician Polina Cherkasova, dance group Saltatriculi from Tartu, and others.

A Medieval Village is open on all four days next the the St. Nicolaus Church with many foreign exhibitors. Visitors can try all sorts of crafts at medieval workshops, participate in games of skill and strength, attend a school for knights, take lessons from swordsmen, and hone their skills as archers. Plus, there are smiths, carpenters, builders and other amusements.

For the first time, this year’s Medieval Days feature guild ladies and craftsmen, apprentices and trainees engaging in their daily routines on the square in front of Katariina kirik (St. Catherine's Church). On Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 14:00 the St. Catherine’s Monastery courtyard (Vene tn 14a) hosts an outdoor lecture where Lady Kai Kiudsoo-Värv talks about stained glass and saints, and Lady Silja Pihelgas provides an insight into the honourable role of herbarium in science and art all the way from the Medieval Era to the present day. On Saturday, Master Heiki Haljasorg speaks about the history of St. Catherine’s Church.

On Friday, 12 July at 20:00, Pühavaimu kirik (Church of the Holy Ghost) hosts the Game of Adam, a medieval mystery performed by the group Aroonia.

On Saturday, 13 July the Reval Sword Tournament is held next to St. Nicolaus Church with competitors from the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Finland and elsewhere. The competition features female fighters as well. Organiser: Nordburg Association for Historical Martial Arts.

On Sunday, 14 July at 14:00 there will be a musical performance “The Love of an Artist” by Vaikuse Muusika Stuudio at St. Catherine’s Church.
Further, the Medieval Days feature a number of historical tours in Estonian, English and Russian about the history of Old Town.

The Medieval Days are organised by the Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union and the Hopner House. For detailed programme and information please visit www.medievaldays.ee