Demolition work at Reidi tee completed

The Circle K gas station at the intersection of Lootsi tänav and Ahtri tänav was dismantled this week which means that the route for Reidi tee is now clear of any structures above ground.

“Next week we still need to demolish some building foundations,” noted Central District Elder Vladimir Svet.

“Now that all major demolition operations on the route for Reidi tee are completed the citizens of Tallinn can see at the intersection of Tuukri tänav and Ahtri tänav where the new Reidi tee will be located. The current wasteland will have a driveway with 2+2 lanes and a cycle and pedestrian track, and the promenade starts there,” explained Svet. “I would like to underline again that Reidi tee will not affect traffic at nearby junctions as long as the work on Gonsiori tänav is not completed, or in other words, the construction of Reidi tee will not affect car traffic in the city this year.”    
The construction of Reidi tee began on 23 July. It is the largest road construction project in recent years designed to move the traffic between Pirita, the port area and Northern Tallinn away from the centre, and provide the city with a proper beach promenade.  The expected duration of works is 550 days. Reidi tee has a total length of 1.9 kilometres with a 2+2 driveway as its core element. A total of 14 kilometres of roads, including cycle and pedestrian tracks, will be either constructed or repaired. Plus a 700-metre embankment will be constructed.

Plot which used to accommodate the now demolished warehouse building at Lootsi 4.