Traffic changes on Uus-Sadama tänav and Petrooleumi tänav

Construction of Reidi tee and of the collector tunnel on Petrooleumi tänav necessitated traffic changes on Uus-Sadama tänav and Petrooleoumi tänav effective as of today.

“Both streets are now one-way: Petrooleumi tänav can be used for centre-bound traffic only whereas Uus-Sadama tänav is available for port-bound traffic from the intersection with Tuukri tänav to Reidi tee junction. Petrooleumi tänav will be open for heavy traffic only whereas Uus-Sadama tänav can be used by heavy trucks and other vehicles. Soon we can analyse traffic intensity to assess the compatibility of such arrangements with the construction work and make changes as necessary,” explained Central District Elder Vladimir Svet.

Regular vehicles can use the currently constructed Reidi tee to get from the port to the city by making a turn towards terminal D. The port area can be exited via the intersection of Lootsi tänav and Ahtri tänav. Said traffic arrangements will apply until the end of next January.