Tallinn Participatory Budget 2020/2021

800,000 euros was allocated for the first Tallinn participatory budget, which was divided as follows:

5.1% of citizens with the right to vote participated in the voting of the participatory budget, i.e. 19,570 citizens in total. The majority – 18,543 citizens – voted electronically and 1027 citizens voted on paper.

Current status of the winning ideas

Winning idea of Haabersti Calisthenics park of the Õismäe bog health trail: the components of the calisthenics park are collected in the factory and are waiting for a building permit. The deadline for completing the park is 15 September 2021.

Winning idea of Kesklinn Drinking fountains at the sides of health trails: eight fountains in total, of which five have been installed. The last ones will be installed by 31 August 2021.

Winning idea of Kristiine Miniature forest of Tildri Street: the project is almost finished and the trees will be planted at the end of September 2021. The idea with the second most votes, Low-level adventure trail of Löwenruh Park, also fit into the budget: it is almost finished and the opening of the adventure trail is planned for 10 October 2021.

Winning idea of Lasnamäe Renovation of Mustakivi underpass: the procurement for the first stage of the construction work will be available by mid-September at the latest; the goal is to finish it by the end of autumn.

Winning idea of Mustamäe Ball game arena of Tallinn Secondary School No. 32: this will be finished by 1 September 2021.

Winning idea of Nõmme Reconstruction of the cover of the health trails of Pääsküla and Harku: in addition, 111 new LED-lights. Everything will be finished by mid-September 2021.

Winning idea of Pirita Building a pumptrack in Pirita - finished during the summer 2021 and already in use.

Winning idea of Põhja-Tallinn Cat August Promenade on Kopli Street: on 23 August 2021, a public procurement was announced for finding a drafter for the main project for building the promenade. This will presumably be completely finished in autumn 2022.

Last updated: 3.09.2021