The second participatory budget voting of Tallinn lasted from 29th November to 12th December 2021.

Read the detailed descriptions of all the qualified ideas:

Haabersti  City Centre  Kristiine  Lasnamäe

Mustamäe  Nõmme  Pirita  Northern Tallinn

Who can vote?

People who are at least 14 years old and whose place of residence is Tallinn may participate in the voting of the participatory budget. Each participant can vote for two ideas of their choosing in the city district of their place of residence.

How to vote?

Voting opens on the first day of voting and takes place digitally via the website; you can log in via TARA. Voters can authenticate themselves via ID card, Mobile ID and Smart ID and as a foreign user. 

In order to vote on paper, visit the Tallinn City Office (Vabaduse väljak 7) or the respective city district government.

Previous process

After the submission of ideas, the panel of experts reviewed the ideas by all districts to assess their feasibility. Ideas were analyzed from a temporal, financial, technical and legal point of view, and their compliance with the basic requirements is assessed.

The committee has the right to integrate and supplement similar ideas in the course of analysis and evaluation. The committee also has the right to exclude ideas that are not feasible during the participatory budget project from the public vote. You can find more detailed criteria in the Tallinn City Council regulation “Procedures for processing Tallinn's participatory budget”.

A total of 135 ideas will be put to the vote by decision of the Expert Committee. In Haabersti 20 ideas, in the Kesklinn 26 ideas, in Kristiine 14 ideas, in Lasnamäe 16 ideas, in Mustamäe 15 ideas, in Nõmme 15 ideas, in Pirita 18 ideas and in Põhja-Tallinn 11 ideas were shortlisted.

Minutes I of the Expert Committee – the ideas that were put to the vote (in estonian)
Minutes II of the Expert Committee – the ideas abstained (in estonian)

Last updated: 13.12.2021