Voting for Participatory Budget Projects

Voting starts on January 18 and lasts until January 31, 2021.

Detailed descriptions of all the qualified ideas: Haabersti  City Centre  Kristiine  Lasnamäe Mustamäe  Nõmme Pirita Northern Tallinn

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Who can vote?

The ideas implemented by the city of Tallinn will be determined by a referendum in which all citizens at least 14 years whose place of residence, according to the population register is Tallinn, can participate.

Each participant can vote for up to two ideas of their choice in the district where they live.

For example: a citizen whose registration is in the Kristiine district cannot vote for ideas presented for the Pirita, Nõmme or other districts.

  • Take a look at the ideas that qualified for voting of Tallinn's participatory budget. Click here.

  • Take a look at the ideas that didn´t qualify for the voting. Click here.

Voting is preceded by a public introduction of all qualified ideas via the city's official channels: on the website and, if possible, through the city's Pealinn (EST) and Stolitsa (RUS) newspapers.

Detailed instructions will be distributed to all participants once the committee of experts has completed its work and all ideas that have qualified for a public vote have been identified.

After submitting your idea

After the submission of ideas, the panel of experts will review the ideas by all districts to assess their feasibility. Ideas are analyzed from a temporal, financial, technical and legal point of view, and their compliance with the basic requirements is assessed.

The committee reserves the rights to integrate and supplement similar ideas in the course of analysis and evaluation. The committee also has the right to exclude ideas that are not feasible during the participatory budget project from the public vote. You can find more detailed criteria in the Tallinn City Council regulation “Procedures for processing Tallinn's participatory budget”.

Last updated: 29.01.2021