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Tallinn Environment Department invites all Tallinn cat and dog owners to have their pets chipped and registered for only 5 euros!

Microchipping events take place at:

  • Stroomi beach park in Northern Tallinn on May 5th at 11am to 15pm (near "Supelranna" bus stop across the street from Pelguranna street 53);
  • park "Politseiaed" near dog park in Center of Tallinn on May 12th at 11am to 15pm (across the street from J.Kunderi 4);
  • behind market "Balti jaam" next to tram stop "Telliskivi" in Northern Tallinn on May 19th at 11am to 15pm (across the street from Kopli 16);
  • in front of market "Pae" next to bus stop "Uus-Pae" in Lasnamäe District on May 20th at 11am to 15pm (in front of Pae 64);
  • park "Löwenruh" car park in Kristiine District on May 26th at 11am to 15pm (behind "Löwenruh" bus stop, across the street from Mustamäe tee 24);
  • "Õismäe" dog park during the Haabersti Spring Fair on May 26th at 12 to 15pm (behind Õismäe tee 24);
  • "Männipark" behind bus stop "Keskuse" in Mustamäe District on May 27th at 12 to 15pm (Keskuse 5a);
  • Nõmme market car park on May 27th at 11am to 15pm (Turu plats 6);
  • "Tallinna Teeninduskool" car park in Lasnamäe District on June 2nd at 11am to 15pm (Majaka 2);
  • Rummu tee 3 car park across the street from Pirita Selver on June 9th at 12 to 15pm;
  • "Szolnok" bus stop in Mustamäe District on June 10th at 11am to 15pm (behind E.Vilde tee 92);
  • in front of market "Keskturg" in Center of Tallinn on June 16th at 11am to 15pm (in front of Lastekodu 14).

Price for registered Tallinn city residents is only 5 euros, payments in cash only! All chips will be registered. Bring your pet's passport (sold on the spot also) and the owner's ID. Dogs brought to the event must be on a leash and wearing a muzzle if necessary! Cats must be in a carrier box or bag! Microchipping campaign is held by Varjupaikade MTÜ veterinarians and funded by Tallinn. More info: Triinu Maandi 616 4004,

4 veterinary clinics in Tallinn offer reduced price for microchipping:


  • Sikupilli street 3, Lasnamäe District, Tallinn and
  • Pärnamäe tee 4a, Laiaküla, near Tallinn border in Viimsi Municipality

Price for microchipping and registration: 7.5 euros. Schedule at: or Tel 509 6417. More info:

  • "MIKI" CLINIC in J. Kunderi street 37, Center of Tallinn. Price for microchipping and registration: 15 euros. Schedule at: or Tel 633 3398. More info:

According to the regulations for keeping dogs and cats in Tallinn all dogs and cats kept in Tallinn must be also microchipped and registered in Tallinn pet register (which is a part of the all-Estonian pet register). Check your pet's registration in here: 

Tallinn pet portal provides useful information on the matters related to keeping cats, dogs as well as other pets

Bringing a pet into your home is an important decision and responsibility, as the pet keeper should create suitable living conditions for the animal, enable, if needed, medical assistance and take care of it sometimes even for decades. When planning to bring a pet into one’s home the possibility to provide a home for one of the hundreds of cats and dogs living in the animal shelter or are under the custody of non-governmental organizations could be considered.

The pet should be kept by following the requirements stipulated in the legal acts and by guaranteeing the welfare and safety of other citizens. Pet is not allowed to wander on its own and the owner should clean the excrements of the pet. 

Foto: Kass & Pojad

Photo: Kass & Pojad; Kaarel

The cats and dogs living in Tallinn should be microchiped and registered in Tallinn pet register. The chipping and registration of pets is important to bring the lost animal together with the owner as soon as possible and prevent the number of homeless animals. In case of lost or found wandering pet, one should address Varjupaikade MTÜ as soon as possible. In case of cats you can also contact MTÜ Kasside Turvakodu, Kassiabi, Kass & Pojad, Kelmiküla Kassijaam, Pesaleidja, 58 Kassi Koju or the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals.

In case of problems, e.g. if the animal is dangerous or it is abused, Tallinn City Municipal Police Department, Veterinary and Food Board or Police and Border Guard Board should be notified.

The questions and proposals related to topics of pets can be submitted through website form or to e-mail address, 616 4004. The website is managed by Triinu Maandi, chief specialist of welfare and waste management department of Tallinn City Environment Department.