Registration of dogs


According to the Regulations of Animal Husbandry in Tallinn (est), dog owners who are citizens of Tallinn are obliged to register their dogs in the Tallinn Central Register of Pets. Since August 1st 2006, dogs are to be marked with a microchip applied by a certified veterinarian.

The procedure of applying a chip is painless for the dog, the code number of the chip is unique and fraudery is highly complicated. This modern method of marking dogs helps decrease the number of missing dogs and makes it easier to bring the dogs and their owners back together.

For the procedure of applying the microchip and making an entry in the register, the owner has to pay the price of the microchip and the visitation fee of the veterinarian. The cost of the microchipping procedure varies between 20-30 euros, depending on the pricelist of the clinic. The procedure requires the following documents: the owner's identification card or passport and the pet's breeding certifiate or passport.

All adult dogs born after August 1st 2006 must be marked with a chip and their data should be entered in the Tallinn Central Register of Pets. If the canine is microchipped but not registered, the owner must register his pet in Riigiportaal or contact the authorised processor of Tallinn Central Register of Pets. The list of authorised processors is HERE.This procedure is free of charge for the citizens of Tallinn.

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In case of finding a missing pet with a microchip, one may determine the owner by entering the chip code in the Tallinn Central Register of Pets.

Also visit the web page of Estonian Kennel Union.

Last updated: 13.10.2011