NB! Currently important: The new development strategy "Tallinn 2035"  has been adopted in December 2020. 

The development strategy is published in a web application (english version available by 2022), which is an interactive website of the development strategy with maps, illustrations and images. In particular, we recommend getting acquainted with the web application, which is the main channel for presenting the development strategy, which makes it more visible, visualizes information about the implementation of the development strategy and helps to raise awareness of the city's goals. In addition, the development strategy with additional documents is published here

Tallinn is preparing a development plan, 2021+, with its dwellers

You are on the website of the preparation of the Tallinn Development Plan 2021+. This website contains a summary of the most important information in English.

What will Tallinn be like in 10, 15, or 20 years’ time? How do we position ourselves in the Baltic Sea region, in the European Union or globally? What kind of education will be available in Tallinn, how will we move around and which services will we consume? We would like to get answers to these and other questions through the preparation of the new Tallinn Development Plan.

The new Tallinn Development Plan was initiated by the decision of the City Council in June 2018, and the draft development plan is expected to be taken to the City Council for adoption in spring 2020. During the preparation of the development plan, the current strategy of the city for 2030 will be reviewed and possible new goals will be searched for and discussed, upon which the main goals of the city will be set for a longer as well as shorter time perspective.

There will be a lot of possibilities to contribute and express one’s thoughts during the next year and a half. From October 1 to November 16, 2018, idea gathering is open on the strategy web to everybody who wishes to have a say in setting the goals. In addition, the Facebook group "Tallinn Development Plan 2021+" has been created, where you can also write your ideas. Besides, four topic-specific workshops will be held in the last months of the current year, i.e. 2018, where the focus is also on city development goals, including determining higher ambitions. Children and youngsters can express their thoughts through different creativity contests during 2019. In 2019, discussions will become area- or target group specific in seven workshopsPublic consultation on the strategy web during which feedback can be given to the working version of the development plan takes place in spring 2019. During the whole time of preparing the development plan, a number of round tables will take place in the city organisation as well as with partner organisations.

By including interest groups and the wider public, we wish to raise awareness about the direction our city is moving in and discuss and explain what our priorities and ambitions are. We also invite everybody to participate in setting our goals and course of action. Through a wider inclusion, we want to increase the transparency of the decisions related to the strategic planning of Tallinn and thus, also the trustworthiness of the local authority. A participation plan (in Estonian) has been prepared to carry out the public inclusion.

The preparation of the Tallinn Development Plan is led by the Strategy unit and their work is based on the instructions of the Steering committee and they consult with the Advisory committee and other parties. The preparation of the development plan is coordinated by the City of Tallinn Strategical Planning Unit. 

Important information materials for preparing the development plan are gathered here.

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If you have further questions or if you wish to express your opinion outside the idea-gathering and workshops, then contact the strategy unit at strateegia@tallinnlv.ee.