Tallinn deploys LED lights, saves hundreds of thousands yearly

Tallinn has been consistently replacing sodium street lights with modern LED street lights in recent years, saving hundreds of thousands of euros per year in both maintenance and electricity.

The widespread uptake of LED lamps in Tallinn started in 2014 and has been particularly reinforced in recent years. In 2019, there were 60 592 street lights in Tallinn, including 8 664 LED luminaires; two years later, the total number of luminaires was 66 993, including 25 386 LED luminaires. Last year, 10 444 new LED lights were added to the urban space. Since 2019, the share of LED street lighting has increased from 14.3 per cent to 37.9 per cent.

"The introduction of LED luminaires is an example of how investments made in the past can help save taxpayers money today. Saving hundreds of thousands of city budget while increasing in the number of luminaires is an example of how green investments can also be economically beneficial," said Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet.

While the number of luminaires on city streets has increased by a tenth in the last three years, real electricity consumption fell by 10 percent last year, and by December 2021, the figure was already 15 percent. So it is investment in LED lamps that has helped to achieve significant savings in a situation of high electricity prices. For example, the electricity cost for street lighting in December last year alone would have been more than €200 000 higher without LED luminaries. The energy consumption has been reduced by more than 4,000 MWh compared to 2019, saving hundreds of thousands of euros per year, and with rising electricity prices this amount will increase further.

Investments in LED lamps will continue this year. In 2022, the city plans to invest €5.5 million in deploying LED lights.

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