Tallinn listed as "Place of the Future"

The Center for the Future of Work identified Tallinn in their forthcoming research report as a “Place of the Future.”

Over the last few years, The Center for the Future of Work have published a series of reports describing what they think will be the jobs of the future in this, the age of automation, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

In this report, they outline where many of these new jobs will appear.
With the insight that jobs of the future often stem from unlikely places, 21 places have been identified around the world where the future is being built right now.

The profiled cities and towns range from the large to the small, the old to the new, and the wellknown to the hardly-ever-heard-of.
The one thing they all have in common, though, is an appetite to create – or recreate – a future by offering humans the work of the future.
As the world looks to get beyond the coronavirus pandemic, places that are hotbeds of innovation and new ideas, and that are affordable and enjoyable to work and live in, will be places that people gravitate to.
Read on to find out where the future of your work lies: 


Source: The Center for the Future of Work