The city of Tallinn will introduce the smart solutions used in the city at the EXPO world exhibition in Dubai

The city of Tallinn will be represented for the first time in the Estonian Pavilion at the EXPO 2020 world exhibition, which due to the pandemic is being delayed and will open its doors to visitors in October of this year.

This year, the exhibition in the newly completed Estonian pavilion will focus on digital solutions, smart inventions and environmental protection.  These are key themes that, through local success stories and successful collaborative projects conducted with local companies, will also be the focus of the presentation of Tallinn as the capital of innovation.

According to Aivar Riisalu, the Tallinn Deputy Mayor, participation in the World Expo provides a valuable opportunity to attract international attention for both the city and its entrepreneurs as the crisis is overcome. ‘Last year, Tallinn was awarded the title of Intelligent Community of the Year, and is known for its unicorn projects, innovative companies and the use of technology-based applications in the public sector. By working with innovation ecosystem partners and supporting our companies to achieve global success, the entire region wins,’ said Riisalu.  

Tallinn's presentation features an introduction of the various future city projects being planned and carried out in cooperation with research institutions and the private sector, for example, in the fields of mobility, urban environment development, education and digitalisation. These include the testing of self-driving busses, solar pavements, smart pedestrian crosswalks, sensors in the urban space, e-government systems, etc. Digital solutions based on a 3D city model, control panel and open data, as well as initiatives supporting the green revolution, will also be introduced.

‘We welcome the capital to our exposition. The addition of Tallinn as one of the most important economic engines of the country caps off our two-year campaign to involve a series of partners in the world exhibition by supplementing the part of our exposition that introduces the application of digital solutions in governance and an urban environment,’ said Andres Kask, Project General Manager of the Foundation of the Estonian Section at EXPO 2020 Dubai.

Participation in the World Expo aims to help Estonian companies and organisations establish contacts both in the Middle East and around the world, and thereby, increase the sales of your products and services. The world’s fair will be open in Dubai until the end of March 2022.

Estonia’s participation in the EXPO is managed and organised by the Foundation of the Estonian Section at EXPO 2020 Dubai, which was created at the initiative of entrepreneurs.

Participation in the Estonian EXPO is organized by the EXPO 2020 Foundation Estonia office established at the initiative of entrepreneurs.

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