Tallinn, as the capital of Estonia, has an 800-year history as a developing and modernizing city. For more than 20 years, Tallinn has been a leader in providing digital services globally and using them in everyday life. Its intelligent gov-tech solutions are widely recognized as a part of the e-Estonia concept. The vibrant startup scene has experienced the birth of unicorns and continuous innovation. The City of Tallinn is a testing grounds for new innovative solutions: several intelligent city solutions have already gone live, and self-driving buses and delivery robots are already on the streets. We support startup ecosystems and work closely with universities, incubators, clusters etc.

Our approach of Think global, Test in Tallinn is being used in the Tallinnovation concept to develop Tallinn into a Smart City. To start, the challenges need to be described and problems need to be identified. New ideas from the public sector or private companies will provide the solutions, followed by rapid prototyping and cooperation. We see the public sector as being one of the first potential customers and will later support the entry of the service or product provider into the global market. As a city, we can provide dedicated business support for Smart City initiatives and actively share the experience we gain from actual case studies with other cities.

We are looking for companies/organizations, ideas and great people to innovate for the future – share your ideas with Tallinnovation!


Tallinn is the city where the future is now.

Last updated: 20.09.2019