Tallinn has a new system for gathering geodetic data

The Urban Planning Department of Tallinn is using a new geodetic measurement system since the end of April. The new system replaces a technical solution used for the past 15 years.

Tallinn now has a geodetic data info system where information on the geodetic measurements conducted in Tallinn is registred, managed ja archived. At the moment, the results of more than 55,000 measurements and 3,500 geodetic control points are included in the database.

Deputy Mayor Mr Andrei Novikov noted that the info system is mainly used by 250 workers who perform geodetic measurements from more than 200 companies in the capital. „For the residents of the city, the system allows to find information on the measurements conducted in their cadastre unit. In addition, people can let us know if the main control point has been damaged via the site,“ added Novikov.

He added that the new information system is a modern tool, a technological solution which can be used by other local governments too - the geodetic measurements necessary for construction and planning activities are concluded in all local governments.

The development of the system was financed by the European Regional Development Fund to the extent of 85%. The information system can be found here - geoveeb.tallinn.ee