1. Giving birth

Expecting mothers can give birth both in municipal as well as in private hospitals. Birthing-related medical assistance is free at municipal hospitals. The hospitals guarantee the 24-hour availability of medical assistance and offer the chance to use family wards for an additional fee. All general wards of the birthing hospitals enable new mothers to have their babies with them in the ward during their stay in the hospital. For more information, visit

Birthing hospital in Tallinn and in the vicinity:

New parents who have been registered in the citizen register of Tallinn will be given a newborn care package upon leaving the hospital; for a more detailed description of the package, click here.

 2. Registering a birth and choosing a name

The birth of a child will be registered after a parent has submitted an application during the child’s first month of life to the Tallinn Vital Statistics Office, for more information click here. For more detailed information about choosing a name visit

 3. Childbirth allowance

After the birth of a child has been registered, parents can immediately apply for a childbirth allowance. The childbirth allowance is granted by:

4. Amending a birth certificate and receiving a new birth certificate

A birth certificate can be amended following a court judgement in the case of adoption, upon the admitting of paternity and following a court judgement confirming paternal filiation or rendering an entry inaccurate. Click here for more information.

Last updated: 18.11.2011