1. Before school

  • Preparing for school
    The creating of facilities and opportunities needed to prepare for school. This service is available for extra charge.

2. Starting school

  • The information parents should know when their children enter the first grade:

- Education services in Tallinn
- The contact information of schools

  • "The first grader benefit" or the financial benefit intended for children entering the first grade will be paid to the parent, guardian or caregiver of the child in case at least one of the parents of the child, according to the records of the Population Register, has lived in Tallinn for at least one year before the child enters first grade and the child is a citizen of Tallinn according to the records of the Population Register, lives on the same address as the applicant of the benefit and enters a school located in Tallinn. The application needs to be submitted within three months following the beginning of the academic year. For more information click here.

3. Attending school

  • e-School 
    An online interactive study environment enabling parents to receive information about the academic activities and results of their child.
  • A place in a school for students
    The guaranteeing of student places for children attending grades 1 to 9, the enabling of student places for children attending grades 10 to 12 in a municipal school.
  • A place in a school for special needs students
    The creating of study opportunities for special needs students in special needs classes or schools (in classes for children with behavioural problems, in opportunity classes, in classes for children with physical, visual or multiple disabilities or in assistance classes, coping classes, care classes or classes aimed at children with multiple disabilities).
  • After hous groups
    The school’s supportive actions and a supervision during after school hours, the doing of homework at school. Long day groups are formed upon the request of parents.
  • The organisation of school bus services
    The organisation of school bus services including the use of internet
  • A place in a boarding school
    The provision of temporary lodging and studying opportunities at the Lasnamäe Children’s Centre
  • Consultations for students and parents
    Consulting and sharing information regarding study opportunities and facilities and finding solutions to recommendations and complaints.


Last updated: 18.11.2011