30 additional trips to Aegna island this year

The Aegna island’s ship traffic to receive about 30 additional trips this year

The navigation season will last from May 6th to September 27th. In total, 258 trips are planned for the route, 30 trips more than in 2019.

Deputy Mayor Andrei Novikov said that the city has planned more trips for the upcoming season primarily due to increased passenger interest. "As last year the number of people interested in going to Aegna Island was higher than the previous year, the city decided to increase ship traffic between Tallinn and Aegna Island by adding additional trips," Novikov said.

The ship will operate twice a day, except during the weekends of June and August, when three daily departures are planned. Vesta will not leave port on Tuesdays during maintenance works on ship. If needed, the city is ready add departures to the schedule. Vesta can accommodate about 40 passengers.

The passenger ship Vesta departs in Tallinn from Patarei port Linnahalli harbor (old Linda line harbor) and the journey to Aegna Island takes about one hour. The city of Tallinn invests EUR 263,160 in the route.

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased up to 2 hours before departure. Boarding and on-site ticketing starts 30 minutes before the start of the trip. Tickets can be purchased and additional information found on AS Kihnu Veeteed website https://new.veeteed.com/#/en/.