A Finnish-Estonian Transport Associations Memorandum will be concluded between the two Countries, Capitals and Counties

On Tuesday, 5th of January at 13:00, a memorandum of Finnish-Estonian Transport Associations Initiative will be concluded in Tallinn between six founding parties.

The memorandum will be signed in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. The Memorandum will be signed by the representatives of the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, the City of Tallinn, the City of Helsinki, Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council and the Harju County Government.

“A memorandum with a wide basis is designed to give new impetus for a cooperation between Helsinki and Tallinn in the field of transportation. A tunnel would greatly improve the movement of passengers and goods between the two capitals and would be a crucial step to implement the idea of ​​a twin-town. Ultimately it would eliminate the bottleneck in the Trans-European Transportation Network (TEN-T) within the North Sea-Baltics directional corridor,” noted the deputy major, Taavi Aas, fulfilling the duties of the major.

The general objectives of the conclusion of the Memorandum include an intensification of the dialogue and cross-border cooperation between Finland and Estonia, especially in mobility and digital fields, support for economic integration, support for the development of a common labour market and creation of economic, social, cultural and educational links.

The memorandum creates an informal network of cooperation, which will be called the Finnish-Estonian Transport Associations initiative. Interested parties may join the network later as associated partners.

The current initiative proposes several measures that will help to improve a fixed link between Helsinki and Tallinn. Such measures include, in particular, support for a full implementability research in regard to a fixed transportation link, synchronization of digital transport services between the two capitals, i.e. a joint cross-border public transportation ticket and support for pilot projects regarding intelligent transportation e-services.