A modern café-pavilion was opened in Tammsaare Park

On Wednesday, February 12th, a cafe-pavilion was opened in Tammsaare Park. The new pavilion is built on the same place where the new market building once used to be. The foundations and the main plan of the original building were taken in account during the planning of the construction.

The design of the building is based on the winning design of the Tammsaare park design competition, “Belle Époque” by Kadarik Tüür architects. There are 2 already operational caterers in the building -  a pizza restaurant Pomo, café-restaurant Café Opera and a third restaurant still waiting to be opened at the basement level of the building. The lower level restaurant will be offering live music shows and quality cultural programme.

The Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, Mrs. Eha Võrk said that the pavilion built in Tammsaare Park is important for several reasons. "We have actively started to modernize the urban space so that it is a modern and cosy place for our citizens and our guests to spend their free time," said Eha Võrk. “As the city gave the area to a private sector developer, the building is also a symbol of good cooperation between the city and the entrepreneurs in finding the best possible solutions for citizens. With the opening of the building, we are also making a small gift for the upcoming 102nd birthday of the Republic of Estonia. ”

“Tallinn's park culture has thrived in recent years, we have more and more green spaces to spend time in with our families, to play, or to work in if necessary. That is why I am happy that the culture of park cafés has begun to develop right here in the city centre. I hope that the café-pavilions that fit well into the milieu will be built in more of our parks, ”said Vladimir Svet, the City Centre District Governor.

OÜ Pellepokk is in charge of the pavilion built on the city premises, the construction was completed by OÜ Astlanda Ehitus.