Upcoming changes in the prices of weddings held outside the Department of Vital Statistics

As of July 1st, the prices for arranging a wedding ceremony outside the premises of the Tallinn’s Vital Statistics Department will change. The prices of the ceremonies held at the premises will remain the same. The ceremonies can be held in 6 different languages and altogether, there are 7 different ways offered for getting married.

The price list has been set up to cover the costs of the wedding ceremony at the locations chosen by the couple. The price list is based on three different locations - marriages outside the vital statistics office held in Tallinn cost 400 euros, in Harju County 500 euros or outside the Harju County 700 euros. The costs of the ceremonial service are covered by the couple. The service includes, among other things, meeting the official in advance with the spouses, counselling, writing a unique text for their ceremony and the transportation costs. The last adjustment to the price list was made in 2013 to the prices for ceremonial services outside the Registry Office. 

Head of the Department, Mrs. Karin Kask pointed out that the prices of the marriage registration and ceremonies held at the Department will remain the same and that the changes will only affect the celebrations in other venues. "Our goal is the registration of marriages and hosting ceremonies in one of the most stylish and outstanding Art Noveau buildings in Tallinn," said Kask. 

2020 marks the 110th birthday of the building.  Completed in 1910, it was originally designed as a suburban summer villa for Carl Luther, a plywood and furniture manufacturer. The Tallinn Vital Statistics Board has been operating there since 1983 and has recently undergone extensive renovation. “The renovation of our building last year just got a dignified point with the installation of new coats of arms in the marriage registration halls. Now, the three lions on the golden shield, surrounded by a wreath of golden oak trees, are also welcoming the couple, appreciating the importance of the event at that moment and in their memories, ” said Kask.

The marriage ceremonies outside the Department, usually take place after the official working hours, i.e. on Friday evenings or on Saturdays and Sundays, which are not part of the civil servants’ duties.  “Thus, the service provided is voluntary and offered within the capabilities of the official, which also means an additional workload for the officials conducting the ceremonies. But it is our job to provide opportunities for the couples, not forcing them to make a choice,” explained Kask. "We offer seven different ways for getting married, and as an added value, we can conduct ceremony in six different languages - in Estonian, Russian, German, English, Greek and Italian." 

Prices of registering marriages at the office remain the same – on working days the state fee for a registration without a ceremony is 30 euros, with a ceremony on Wednesday and Thursday 60 euros, and for a ceremony with live music on Friday (200 euros) and Saturday (250 euros). Couples marrying on Fridays and Saturdays will also be granted specially designed marriage certificate covers and a “lucky pen” – the pen which was used to sign the marriage registration documents by the spouses. 

In 2019, there were 2,413 marriages registered at the Tallinn Vital Statistics Department, the ceremonies were held at a place outside the department grounds on 165 occasions. Marriage anniversaries were celebrated at the department on six occasions – four gold, one sapphire and one silver wedding.