City invites candidates for youth work award “Great Deeds”City invites candidates for youth work award "Great Deeds"

The Tallinn youth work awards for “Great Deeds” will be handed out for the fifteenth time to acknowledge outstanding youth work efforts. The city invites everyone who has taken not of a remarkable deed or actor in the field of youth work to submit their candidates.

According to Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev, this award event helps highlight activities organised by or for the youth. “Our goal is to commend individuals, organisations, deeds and young volunteers who have contributed to youth work in Tallinn or helped promote youth work. It is essential to recognise people who contribute to the well-being and development of youth on a daily basis,” the Deputy Mayor described the award event.

Candidates can be submitted in five categories - Great Deeds for Tallinn’s Youth, Great Deeds by Tallinn’s Youth, Tallinn Youth Worker of the Year, Young Volunteer of the Year, and Tallinn Youth Association of the Year.

The list of candidates will be open until 10 January 2020. For more information on categories and conditions please visit the web site of Tallinn: www.tallinn.ee/suuredteod.

Nominees will be disclosed at the award ceremony to be held in February 2020. This year’s “Great Deeds” competition is the fifteenth already and it is organised by the Tallinn Sports and Youth Department.