Construction of Reidi tee to cause major changes at Ahtri-Jõe intersection

Certain traffic changes will be implemented in the Tallinn Port area due to the construction of Reidi tee effective late Thursday, 5 September.

Lootsi street and the section of Jõe street between Karu street and Ahtri intersection will be open for traffic. At the same time, the section of Tuukri street preceding the Ahtri-Lootsi-Tuukri-Jõe intersection will be closed.

“One lane for each direction will be opened on Jõe street which means that road users will then be able to drive on Jõe street starting from Narva maantee-Pronksi street intersection and turn onto Ahtri street as well as come from the opposite direction and turn from Ahtri street onto Jõe street. Further, Lootsi street will be opened for traffic to allow entering and exiting the port using Ahtri street. Vehicles cannot yet go straight across the intersection from Jõe street onto Lootsi street as drivers need to take small detour by turning onto Ahtri street,” explained Central District Elder Vladimir Svet. 

At the same time, as from 22:00 P.M. on 5 September the section of Tuukri street between Lootsi side street ja Ahtri intersection will be closed meaning that vehicles cannot go straight from Tuukri street onto Ahtri street. Drivers who used Tuukri street to get to Mere puiestee now need to use Uus-Sadama street or Lootsi street or Narva maantee. Lootsi side street will continue to remain closed for traffic.

“We acknowledge that construction work causes trouble for local residents and other road users in the port area and apologise for any inconvenience. We ask all road users to pay close attention to road signs and avoid the port area whenever possible,” added the District Elder.