Ettevõtja kogemus: äri alustamine Hiinas

12.06.2019 Eesti Kaubandus-Tööstuskoda, Toom-Kooli 17, Tallinn

Ootame kõiki Hiina turust huvitatud ettevõtteid osalema praktilisel koolitusel, kus Hiina-Eesti ühisettevõtte esindaja Fei  Yingchao ja korporatsioonide avalike suhete nõustaja Venus Lean räägivad Hiinas tehase püsti panemise kogemusest ning annavad näpunäiteid teistele ettevõtjatele Hiinas äri tegemise osas.

Koolituse töökeel: inglise keel


9.30 Introduction of Market Research made for the LEF Network to China project
10.30 Coffee break
10.45 Company Example: Saaremaa Houses: First steps, negotiations, what to keep in mind in partnership agreements, restrictions for foreign companies in China, setbacks (failures) and successes. How it was done –step by step.
·  IP Protection (when and how it was done for Saaremaa Houses, etc)
·  Geographic strategy plan – how to choose location and what the other companies should keep in mind when choosing a location in China
·  Marketing strategy – sales channels buildup
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Business culture in China (corporate culture) – what to expect from meetings, dress code, behavior, small details to notice. Main differences that  exist between European and Chinese businessmen's behaviour. What mistakes Europeans tend to make. What prejudices do Chinese have towards European businessmen? Q&A
14.45 Preparing to visit trade fair – how to get the most out of it. Which signs to look for in Chinese company stands to pick out potential partners? How to recognize the most important people in the stand (booth)? Follow-up activities – how often, which channels, visits, etc?
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