Kõlvart explained to environmentalists and city activists why it is necessary to modify the design of Reidi tee

The Mayor of Tallinn Mihhail Kõlvart met with environmentalists and city activists from the association “For Our Seaside City” this morning to explain why it is necessary to modify the design of Reidi tee.

“The idea behind constructing a new road is to avoid any bottlenecks from the outset,” said Mihhail Kõlvart. “The design changes are technical rather than fundamental. We are not talking about altering the entire Reidi tee as the changes concern only three adjacent intersections.”

The Mayor decided to make the changes based on an analysis by TalTech scientists which indicates that the earlier version with wider intersections allowed greater traffic capacity.
The analysis demonstrates that the narrower version could entail a 20-30% overload at said intersections during rush hours. “I see nothing environment-friendly in such overload. I think it’s in everyone’s interests that vehicles arriving at the port can leave without any delay,” said Kõlvart.

The Mayor noted that any foreseeable shortcomings in the design should be rectified immediately to avoid adverse consequences.  “The necessity of Reidi tee is not the issue here - it is a requisite connecting route between Pirita, Lasnamäe, city centre and Northern Tallinn,” said the Mayor.

According to him, Tallinn needs a wider public debate on the optimal ratio between motor vehicles and cyclists/pedestrians in the city. “Reidi tee provides better opportunities for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Our growing city needs better and smarter traffic solutions,” added Kõlvart.

The Mayor suggested that the authorities should continue consultations with the association “For Our Seaside City” regarding the construction of Reidi tee and the development of urban space in general.