Large families to receive concessions in sports and recreation venues of Tallinn

The City of Tallinn and the Estonian Association of Large Families have signed a memorandum of understanding to provide large families that hold a Family Card with concessions in sports venues of Tallinn, as well as in other municipal culture and recreation centres.

According to Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev, today’s memorandum between the City of Tallinn and the Estonian Association of Large Families is only the start of a longer cooperation. “While large families will be able to receive concessions in our sports venues starting from tomorrow, further discounts can be expected in the near future in other municipal culture and recreation centres as well as museums,” Belobrovtsev said. “Welfare and self-sustainability of children and families are very important for Tallinn. This memorandum is our contribution to supporting large families by offering them additional opportunities for joint outings and recreational activities.”

“Making a family pass valid for the entire family was a necessary step towards a more family-friendly society,” said Aage Õunap, President of the Estonian Association of Large Families. “Including the municipal sports and culture venues of Tallinn in the Family Card program makes spending quality time together more affordable for large families. I hope that other municipalities and businesses will also review their current pricing policies to improve user-friendliness of their family passes.”

From 29 October, families holding a Family Card of the Estonian Association of Large Families (EALF) can receive concessions in the swimming pools of Nõmme, Õismäe, Sõle Sports Centre and the English College, as well as in the Tondiraba Ice Hall and the Nõmme Sports Centre. In the next stage of cooperation, families with an EALF Family Card will be able to benefit from discounts in culture and recreation centres and museums of Tallinn. The precise terms and conditions will be negotiated shortly between the EALF and the Tallinn Culture Department, which is the governing authority of the Tallinn Literary Centre, the Museum of Photography, the Kiek In De Kök Museum of Fortifications, the Miia-Milla Children’s Museum, the Kalamaja Museum, the House Museum of Peter the Great, and the Tallinn Russian Museum. The Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department will be the negotiation partner when it comes to the Tallinn Zoo and the Tallinn Botanic Garden.

Deputy Mayor Betina Beškina emphasised that children are the greatest treasure and reward for families and society as a whole. “It is important in these busy times to create favourable conditions for families to spend time together,” Beškina said. “In addition, visiting a sports or culture centre offers people an opportunity to put down all smart devices, to stop for a moment, in order to spend time with family members, either by practicing sports or simply exploring exciting places. The costs of raising and educating children are already high enough for families, which is why Tallinn is very happy to support families by subsidising the time they spend together.”

With the EALF Family Card, large families can benefit from concessionary access to various services and products. The Family Card benefits for families include discount prices, campaign offers and other added-value deals. More than 400 partners, offering nearly 500 different services, have joined the Friends of the Family Card program. All families with at least three children can apply for a Family Card. For more information on the card, please visit www.perekaart.ee