Mayor: Tallinn will continue with distance learning until the end of the academic year

Distance learning will continue in Tallinn’s schools until the end of the school year. Individual consultations will also take place online.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart noted that the schools need clarity on how to proceed with the teaching under current circumstances. „According to the data from the Health Board, the number of infected in Tallinn is in a minimal growth trend. We cannot rely on a hope that maybe the pandemic will be over mid-May or by the beginning of June. This is why we have come to an understanding, together with the headmasters of our schools, to continue with distance learning until the end of the academic year, “explained the Mayor.

„The overall process is flexible, but distance learning is to remain in place, children will not physically return to schools. In the beginning of May, we will go through our options again and if the situation allows, then we might be able to use other study forms as well. For example, one-to-one consultations could be an option, but it would not be mandatory in any way. But the general recommendation is to use online channels,“ added Kõlvart.

Distance learning will be also applied in Tallinn’s municipal hobby schools until the end of the academic year.

Entrance examinations of Tallinn’s gymnasiums are also to be conducted online for which preparations are under way. The examinations are planned to take place in May and June right now. The decision on final exams and graduations will me made early May.