Mayor’s address to the people of Tallinn and Estonia on coronavirus

Dear fellow Tallinners and Estonians,

This coming spring and the first warm days will be different. To all of us, without any exceptions.

Sadly, we have experienced the first death caused by COVID-19. Probably it will not be our last. That sad fact is enough to take the restrictions and measures taken by Tallinn and also by the Government seriously.

Did you know that it is thought that the outbreak that is devastating Italy was gravely accelerated by a football match held in an outdoor stadium in Milan? Do not be fooled by the illusion that the virus does not spread outdoors and it is completely safe outside. The infection does not ask for your permission and does not care whether you are indoors or outside. Just being outside does not guarantee that you are not at risk.

It is up to us, each and every one of us, how fast we can flatten the curve of the spread of the disease. It is possible to contain the virus, but only if we all, one by one, act responsibly and practise reasonable self-regulation. Should we fail to do so, we will win nothing and lose many more lives.

The longer the outbreak lasts, the more our economy suffers – this has an direct effect on our wallets and our wellbeing. Today’s fortitude and strict following of the set measures will buy us time, that is the only thing that can help us in putting an end to COVID-19 outbreak and also in getting back to life as we know it.

If we are unable to self-regulate right here, right now, one can be sure that stricter measures will be put in place. Then it is too late to ask ourselves – is this really what we wanted? Think about it. Is this really what you would want to happen?

My fellow citizens – one lost spring is not too big of a loss compared to a long and a healthy life. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones – so that we all would have many more springs to enjoy!