Mayor urges people to stay home and donate for those in need on Victory Day

Mayor of Tallinn urges people to stay home on May 9 and to pay their respects with donating to charity.

„By now, it is clear that due to the epidemic, gathering of crowds is impossible. We cannot allow that the wish to get together in order to remember those who died in the Second World War would be the reason for the disease spreading and endangering the lives of our loved ones and all Tallinners,“ said the Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart.

„Our country is going through the curve of the infection, and the responsibility of the venture being successful lies on each and every one of us. As in other countries, the elderly are a risk group, the disease could be very dangerous for them. Everyone has a chance to contribute to keeping them healthy. I urge everyone to stay home, especially those in the risk groups should do so in order to protect themselves. But the young also need to follow the rules. By avoiding spreading the infection, we protect the elderly and show our respect for them,“ said Arkadi Popov, the medical chief of the emergency situation.

The Mayor said that commemorating and honouring of the fallen is not limited to this one day. „In the current situation, a suitable alternative should be found by remembering and noticing those who around us who need help and support right now. To all whom celebrating that day is important, could do so via supporting various charity causes. Let’s help and support the elderly,“ said Kõlvart.