More than a quarter of Tallinn's students came for food packages yesterday

Tallinn will continue providing school food for children in need. During the first week, more than 1200 came to get food, but the number has steadily increased and yesterday, 11,550 food packages were distributed.

„Since the number of children who want to get these packages has jumped, our Education Department had to change the distribution method. The children had to come to get a warm lunch in a thermobox every day during the first weeks but the system is now different, but now they get a food package once a week. This way, the contacts between children are lowered to a minimum in order to protect their health,“ said the Deputy Mayor Mr Vadim Belobrovtsev. „Children get their food packages in timely intervals, luckily the schools have worked hard and the logistics of distributing the food whilst following the 2+2 rule has worked out well. The staff distributing the food is equipped with personal protective equipment and all necessary hygiene measures have been strictly put in place,“ added he.

The new system has been implemented without major problems, noted Belobrovtsev. „I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of the headmasters and the staff of the schools for their excellent work in this very necessary cause,“ added Belobrovtsev. „It very clearly a challenge, especially as the number of children keeps increasing. We have had some minor issues in some schools, but we have managed to solve these in close cooperation,“ added the Deputy Major.

Belobrovtsev added that even though special precautions are being followed, all families need to evaluate the risks of going out carefully and follow the distancing and hygiene guidelines while picking up the packages. „I would also like for parents to refrain from hoarding food as this may lead to wasting food if you are not able to consume it timely. But if there is a real need, one should surely let us know about it and get the package,“ noted Belobrovtsev.

The food packages are ordered according to the number of students who have notified their school about their need previously. Schools give specific information on how the packages are distributed to the students and the parents. There are a total of 46,400 students in Tallinn’s municipal schools.