New edition of The ABCs of Urban Maintenance was published

A new edition of the brochure The ABCs of Urban Maintenance which contains all the information on urban maintenance was published at the start of the Urban Maintenance Month. The fresh publication addresses some new topics as well as information on the advantages of using studless winter tyres.

The ABCs of Urban Maintenance by the Tallinn Environment Department provides information on maintenance requirements and legislative provisions applicable in the city and outlines rules for using playgrounds, dog walking areas and cemeteries. Further, the publication features guidelines for waste sorting and disposal. Another significant area addressed in the brochure is maintenance services provided by the municipal authorities. Also, the reader can find particulars of city officials to contact in case of issues related to urban maintenance. The information in the brochure has been updated in line with the applicable legislation whereas some proposals and recommendations made by citizens have been taken into account too. The new edition outlines the advantages of using studless winter tyres.

“Being the Deputy Mayor responsible for the environment public health is my priority,” said Deputy Mayor Züleyxa Izmailova. “Car owners in Tallinn should use studless winter tyres to protect roads and health because studded tyres produce large amounts of dust that can lead to serious health damage.”

The ABCs of Urban Maintenance is a 34-page document drawn up by the specialists of the Tallinn Environment Department in coordination with municipal bodies like Tallinn Cemeteries, Tallinn Waste Centre, Municipal Engineering Services Department and Tallinn Recycling Centre. The brochure has been printed using 100% recycled paper. The print run is 2,750 copies whereof 1,400 in Estonian, 900 in Russian and 450 in English. The brochure is available from the enquiry desks of all District Governments as well as the enquiry desk of the Tallinn City Government building at Vabaduse plats 7.

Download the ABC of Urban Maintenance (PDF)