No major gatherings took place on May 9 in Tallinn

Yesterday, when many celebrated Victory Day, did not lead to major gatherings in Tallinn. According to the police, up to five thousand people visited the monument at the Defence Forces Cemetery, this is about eight times less than last year.

"I thank all the residents of Tallinn who acted according to the recommendation of the City Government and did not go to the monument this year. We have been able to express responsible behaviour, thus showing the maturity and solidarity of our society. Mass gatherings continue to be a risk for the spread of the coronavirus, and therefore we have to give up crowded activities for some time to come, "said Mihhail Kõlvart, Mayor of Tallinn. "I also wish to thank the to the police, municipal police, the employees of the city and health officials who did explanatory work at the cemetery today."

Last year, on May 9, about 40,000 people visited the Defence Forces Cemetery. This time, an estimated total of up to five thousand people went there. No major gatherings or riots were committed. Police officers identified one person who had flown a drone in the restricted area and confiscated the aircraft. The police, health officials and local government representatives did explanatory work for some people regarding the 2 + 2 rule.

"Most of the people went to the cemetery with their families, did not stay in the cemetery, but left after a short visit, which is a very reasonable behaviour in an emergency situation to keep themselves and others healthy," said Kaido Saarniit, head of the Northern Prefecture City Centre Department.