Reidi tee brings new bus line number 66

On 29 November when Reidi tee opens for traffic the new bus line number 66 between Priisle and Pelguranna will be launched to transport passengers between Lasnamäe and Northern Tallinn via Reidi tee.

Deputy Mayor Andrei Novikov noted that the long-awaited direct public transport line between Lasnamäe and Northern Tallinn is finally available. “We gave some serious consideration to various alternative routes for the new bus line, including streets like Kotzebue, Telliskivi and Kalaranna. However, in the end we opted for the solution that provides a direct connection between Northern Tallinn and the most distant area in Lasnamäe to allow diverting passenger flows away from the centre. Traffic analysis conducted by the Tallinn University of Technology supported the necessity of this route,” said Novikov. “And the new bus line includes a section of Punane tänav that previously had no public transport available, and improves the connection between Punane tänav and Smuuli tee. Further, this allows citizens to travel directly between Lasnamäe and the port area, Balti jaam, and Pelgulinn.”

A new bus stop will be added on Punane tänav for both directions - Taevapuna. Reidi tee will have new bus stops called Reidi tee, Pikksilma and Uus-Sadama. Pelguranna tänav will accommodate stop Supelranna and Kolde puiestee will accommodate stop Helme. Line No. 66 will feature low-floor buses with three access points. The buses will run daily between 6:00 and 24:00. The average interval is 15 minutes during the rush hour and 20-23 minutes during other hours.

The route of bus line No. 66:

K.Kärberi tn, Laagna tee, Mustakivi tee, Punane tn, J.Smuuli tee, Narva mnt, Reidi tee, Ahtri tn, Mere pst, Põhja pst, Suurtüki tn, Toompuiestee, Tehnika tn, Paldiski mnt, Sõle tn, Madala tn, Randla tn, Kari tn, Pelguranna tn, Kolde pst, Sõle tn, Paldiski mnt, Toompuiestee, Rannamäe tee, Suur-Rannavärava tn, Mere pst, Ahtri tn, Reidi tee, Narva mnt, J.Smuuli tee, Punane tn, Mustakivi tee, Laagna tee and K.Kärberi tn.


Priisle, Rauna, Kiviku, Mustakivi, Taevapuna, Pikri, P.Pinna, J.Smuuli tee, Kalevipoja, Liikuri, Lasnamägi, Oruvärava, Oru, Reidi tee, Pikksilma, Uus-Sadama, Linnahall, Balti jaam, Kelmiküla, Ristiku, Sõle, Ädala, Kolde puiestee, Nisu, Ehte, Kari, Randla, Pelguranna, Supelranna, Helme, Kolde puiestee, Ädala, Ristiku, Tehnika, Hotell Tallinn (on Toompuiestee), Balti jaam, Linnahall, Uus-Sadama, Pikksilma, Reidi tee, Oru, Lasnamägi, Liikuri, Kalevipoja, P.Pinna, Lasnamäe turg, Pikri, Taevapuna, Mustakivi, Kiviku, Rauna, Priisle.