Residents of Tallinn happy with their life, says new survey

At today’s City Government press conference the Mayor of Tallinn, Mr. Mihhail Kõlvart introduced the results of the survey that monitors the feedback given by Talliners. The study shows that in general, Talliners are happy with their life and surrounding environment and their levels of financial wellbeing and quality of life have risen.

The Mayor noted that this type of feedback surveys have been conducted in Tallinn since 2003. „The continuance of the surveys allows us to monitor the tendencies, dynamics and also to compare how the understandings and preferences of our people change,” noted Mr. Kõlvart. “We are happy that the results are mostly positive – the results indicate that 90% of Talliners are pleased with their life. Although not all of it is subject to what the city has to offer, but I believe that we have managed to create a basis necessary for a satisfactory life”.

The most important in their lives for the majority of Tallinn’s residents are their loved ones. Talliners are pleased with the environment that is surrounding them in the city and also at the level of city districts. 80% said that Tallinn is the most preferred place to live for them – that is also verified by the growing number of city residents. 93% like their home and 91% said that the area where they live is safe.

The number of people who have not had any financial difficulties during the past year (80%) has increased. This is in accordance with the raising levels of financial well-being. However, we must also consider the fact that still, 16% has to deal with problems arising from financial difficulties.

Talliners are most proud of our Old Town and the fact that we have an amazing location here, right at the seaside. At the level of city districts, the most valued are greeneries, parks and the feeling of being close to nature in general. People are also pleased with the waste collection system, the clarity of house numbering and street names, streetlights and the purity of air.

„It is important for me that people are also content with the situation and number of playgrounds, but it does not mean that all of the needs have been already met,“ said the Mayor. „That said, we continue with reconstructing the old playgrounds and creating new ones, which is one of the priorities this year. We are very happy to see that what we have done so far, has been fruitful.“

Over 80% of the respondents values the quality of the public transport to be high. As a positive change, people prefer using public transport more often to cars and the number of people not using public transport al all continues to decrease. People are also rather satisfied with the condition and maintenance of big roads, also with the conditions of traffic from the pedestrian perspective.

„We are also very interested in the criticism put out by the residents. This information is crucial for making plans in the area of the city development,“ noted the Mayor. „It is understood that the respondents were not happy with the parking in city centre and the availability and condition of the public restrooms. It was also clear that there are not enough bicycle paths, parking spots and places to keep their bicycles near home. We start tackling these issues already this week, the first topic to be discussed is parking.“

Finally, the Mayor stated that the survey brought one more issue to our attention – 70% of the respondents said that Talliners do not smile enough. Luckily, this is something that each of us can improve.