Road section of Astangu Street closed for cars at night to keep frogs safe

From April 7 until the beginning of May, a section of Astangu Street will be closed for motorized vehicles from 9PM-6AM to protect frogs and other amphibians. The restriction is set thanks to the good cooperation of Tallinn, residents of Haabersti District and Estonian Fund for Nature in safeguarding the species under protection.

During the past five years, many volunteers have been helping the amphibians to cross the road at Astangu street. Due to the coronavirus measures, government has banned all public gatherings and this year, helping the animals is impossible this way. This is why the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department is implementing a night-time moving restriction for motorized vehicles on one of the sections of the road.

„Amphibians are protected species in Estonia. It is important for ecosystems that we have enough of them, as they make up an important food base for many other species,“ said the Director of the Tallinn Zoo, Mr Tiit Maran.

 Maran added, that the roads constructed by humans are often a barrier where many of the amphibians are hurt or die. „The sections of the road with high traffic volumes that frogs and other amphibians need to cross in order to reach their spawning grounds, are especcialy dangerous. The temporary closing of the road may be uncomfortable for some people, but it could save hundreds or even thousands lives of the animals. The closing of the road is really an action which shows that we, as humans, care about other life forms,” added he.

The mentioned section of the road is one of the most active migration roads in Estonia where lots of amphibians make an effort to cross the road each spring. The time period for the temporary restriction has been chosen by carefully evaluating the migration behaviour of the amphibians and while taking in account the weather patterns.

The road section has been marked here