Sargent cherries to be relocated due to Reidi tee construction

The large Sargent cherries growing on the green strip on Ahtri tänav will be relocated at the beginning of this week.

“The relocation is necessitated by the construction of Reidi tee. It should be noted that instead of felling the trees will be dug out and transplanted so as to preserve them. Specialised machinery (see photo) was delivered from Lithuania for this purpose and it completes the entire procedure wihtout damaging the trees,” explained Central District Elder Vladimir Svet.  

The Central District Government has commissioned the transplantation of five large Sargent cherries from Ahtri tänav and one Siberian larch from Tuvi Park. Their new locations will be the Tower Square park, Kanuti tänav and Musumägi. The work will be carried out at night to avoid disturbing other road users. The general contractor is Revatrin Grupp OÜ. 

Reidi tee should be completed by the end of 2019.