Study: Estonia has the most energy-efficient buildings in Northern Europe

A recent study carried out by an international group of building scientists showed that Estonia is among the countries with the most energy-efficient buildings in Europe.

The analyses of the NZEB (nearly zero-energy buildings) energy performance requirements and reference apartment buildings in four countries – Estonia, Norway, Finland and Sweden – showed that the nearly zero-energy buildings constructed in Estonia are most energy efficient. In other words, their energy consumption is the lowest.

“The reason for our success story in building energy efficiency is, besides the 15-year sterling work carried out by our researchers and engineers, also the fact that Estonia as a fast-evolving country was one of the few in Europe to establish minimum energy performance requirements in 2019 with the ambition following the cost-optimal calculations results,” professor Jarek Kurnitski, the head of Tallinn University of Technology – or TalTech – NZEB Research Group, said.

“This approach was initially planned also by our neighbouring country Finland, who, however, bowed to market pressure and opted for a slower development path. This meant slightly lower construction costs, but significantly higher operation costs in the long run.”
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Source: Estonian World