Tallinn, Tartu transport apps can be used in Helsinki from spring

From spring, Estonians and Finns will be able to use the same public transport apps to pay for public transport tickets in Helsinki, Tallinn, and Tartu in a unique European project.

Tallinn and Tartu local public transport apps will expand to the Helsinki region and the Helsinki Public Transport Agency's HSL travel app will also offer Tallinn public transport tickets next spring.

Tiit Laiksoo, Senior Specialist of the Tallinn Transport Board's ticket system, said this is a unique project on a European scale.

"The mobile app-based project is expected to be ready by the end of February next year. It will take more time for a travel card-based project, and we hope to complete it by spring 2021," she said.

ERR writes that Estonians will benefit more from the new scheme than the Finns, as it is already much easier for the Finns to pay for public transport in Tallinn and Tartu than Estonians in the Helsinki region.

In Tallinn and Tartu customers can buy tickets on vehicles, including using contactless payment, but in the Helsinki region there are two options: find a ticket machine or download the HSL app from the Helsinki Public Transport Agency and link it to a bank card.

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Source: Eesti Rahvusringhääling